Žekil 1. Cross-sectional view of a solid fiber revealing earthworm-like nanofibers wrapped in a tubular shell.

Žekil 2. An enlarged view of the earthworm-like nanofibers.

Kerosene has been found capable of producing conducting fibers, nanotubes, and thin films of carbon. The process of synthesis involves simple pyrolysis of kerosene vapor at 1000°C in argon atmosphere. As kerosene is the cheapest petroleum product, production of these fibers from kerosene will be very economical. It is suggested that the kerosene-pyrolyzed carbon electrodes can be used in the chloro-alkali industry.

Synthesis of conducting fibers, nanotubes, and thin films of carbon from commercial kerosene, Materials Research Bulletin, Volume 34, Issue 5, 15 March 1999, Pages 791-801 Mukul Kumar, P. D. Kichambare, Maheshwar Sharon, Yoshinori Ando and Xinluo Zhao