Masters' in Textile Engineering Textile Chemistry Engineer

Gender: Female

Nationality: Turkish

Date of Birth: 04/04/1977

Address: University of Pamukkale, Department of Textile Engineering, Camlik Campus, 20020, Camlik-Denizli, Turkey
e-mail:, Phone: 0090 258 212 55 33, ext:150/164

Fax: 0090 258 212 55 38


12/2001 continuing University of Pamukkale Denizli, Turkey

Research Assistant

2000-12/2001 ; Dokuz Eylul University Izmir, Turkey

Scholarship Reciprocating Service

Executing experimental class as chemical testing, experiments for pretreatment, dyeing, finishing on laboratories of university. Responsibility of laboratories maintenance and arrangement. Aiding for writing of paper and books of lecturers

06/1999 - 08/1999 Senbirlik Textile A.S. Izmir, Turkey


Hands on training in pretreatment, dyeing, mechanical and chemical finishing departments and also testing laboratories in a textile company which works for treatments of knitting, weaving, jeans fabric and piece garment. Gained technical knowledge and experience about chemical processes, wastewater treatment, production and planning, quality and control, R&D departments.

06/1998 09/1998 EGE University R&D Plant Izmir, Turkey


Training based on actual lab work in dyeing, finishing, weaving, spinning, printing departments, usage of CAD systems.

06/1997 - 08/1997 Ozba Konfeksiyon A.S. Izmir, Turkey


Pursued the follow of work on manufacturing garment as respectively planning, preparing and spreading of pattern (model), assembling parts of pattern and sewing, labelling, cleaning, quality and control, ironing, packing.


2000- 2003 Dokuz Eylul University #9; Turkey

Master's Degree in Textile Engineering

The program covers advanced textile scientific courses such as enzyme science, spectroscopic analysis methods, degradation analysis methods, durable press finishing process and combining methods on finishing applications, polymer chemistry and technology, numerical and approximate methods, experiment and planning I, applied statistic in scientific research, technical textiles as medical textiles, filtration textiles, geotextiles, automotive textiles, production methods, applications and properties of nonwoven materials . I am specialized in Biotechnology and Industrial Applications of Textile Materials option that focuses on enzymatic processes, biomaterials, natural polymers, new chemical polymers, textiles with aim of filtration as membran, textiles for geotextiles and automotive. My Masters' thesis was about “USING OF ENZYMES ON TREATMENT OF PROTEIN FIBERS (WOOL, SILK)”. In this study, we used proteases based on different origins for pretreatment and finishing of raw wool and silk fabrics. After the enzymatic treatment, some samples were dyed with different dyestuff classes and the others were treated with biopolymer chitosan and then were dyed with different dyestuff classes such as milling and levelling acid, reactive, metal complex dyestuff. The samples were evaluated with regard to K/S value, colour fastness to washing, rubbing and light, alkaline solubility, whiteness, tensile strength, weight loss value and area shrinkage value.

1996-2000 Ege University Turkey-Aegean-Izmir

Bachelor's Degree

Textile Chemistry Engineer

After gaining knowledge about knitting, weaving, spinning and organic chemistry for two years, I specialized in textile chemistry and applications such as dyeing, finishing and printing of yarn, garment, non-woven textiles, polymer science together with waste water treatment and energy&safety.
My graduation thesis on Innovations on Dyeing of Pes/Co Blends Fabrics - is based on researching variations of the process such as dyeing on two bath, one bath/two step, one bath/one step for different dye classes as direct, reactive, indantren for cotton part and dispers for polyester part and evaluations on comparing results of light, color and rub fastness values, dyeing evenness, time of process, reproducebility, productivity at different processes.

1995-1996 Ege University Turkey-Aegean-Izmir

School of Foreign Languages

Preparation Class

High school Adana Fen Lisesi Adana-Turkey


Affiliations 1996-continuing The Chamber of Textile Engineers member

1995 - 1997 British Council member for library

Activity 1995 Concert of Nazım Hikmet’s Poems

Place: Hall of School of Foreign Languages








Mother tongue














SPSS, Minitab Advanced

Microsoft Office Advanced

Minolta Spectrophotometer Advanced

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Intermediate

Microsoft C++ ; Beginning

Autocad Intermediate

Interests: Reading novel and science magazine (especially TUBITAK publications), jogging, listening instrumental music, computer programes

References: Available upon request


Application of enzymes in textile treatment and finishing of wool

Fiber surface chemistry

Automotive Textiles

Airbag Fabric


Medical Textiles, Biomaterials

Spectroscopic Analysis Methods

Fiber Filled Composite Materials

Degradation Analysis on Textile Materials

Biotechnology applications on Textiles

Durable press finishing with polycarboxylic acid

New Fibers such as Biodegradable fibers as PLA and Man-Made and High-tech fiber such as Spandex, Lycra, Elastane and Aramid, Kevlar and Regenaration Fibers as Lyocel

Antibacterial Finishing

Chemical and Natural (Chitosan) Polymer Scientific

Filtration textiles

High technology fibers as aramid, kevlar, PTFE


1. TextileMachineSemposium, 25-26 September 2002, Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski, Istanbul/Turkey

2. ISTEK 2003 International Isparta Textile Congress, 22-23 May 2003, Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta Culture Center, Isparta/Turkey

3. Tekstil ve Konfeksiyon Sanayisinde Ozon Tabakasına Dost Alternatif Leke Çıkartıcılar,22 June, 2004, Denizli Organize Sanayi, Honaz-Denizli

International Publications(included SCI journals):

1. Onar, N., Sariisik, M., January/March 2005, Vol.13, No.1 (49), pp.54-59, Use of Enzymes and Chitosan Biopolymer on Wool Dyeing, Fibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe

2. Onar, N., Sariisik, M., 16 July 2004, Vol.93, p. 2903-2908, Application of enzymes and chitosan biopolymer to the antifelting finishing process , Journal of Applied Polymer Science

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